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Weezer - Make Believe

Review: Jack Foley

WEEZER are one of the most popular groups to have emerged from the post-grunge alternative rock aftermath and their success only looks set to grow off the back of the new album, Make Believe.

Laden with sun-drenched melodies and catchy guitar riffs, the album is rife with the easy-going attitude and laidback charisma of LA's favourite sons.

Kicking off with the current single, Beverly Hills (which includes that video shot at The Playboy Mansion), the album proceeds to deliver 12 new tracks of the highest quality, as well as two bonus live additions (in the form of Butterfly and Island In The Sun).

Highlights include the tender anthem, Hold Me, and the hook-laden Peace, both of which tap into the insecurities felt by many in the world today, as well as by lead singer, Rivers Cuomo.

With lyrics including 'all these problems on my mind, make it hard for me to think, there is no way I can stop, my poor brain is gonna pop' (taken from Peace), it's a timely reminder of the changing times we're living in and the overriding desire to find peace (both internally and in the wider perspective).

As serious as some of the sentiment undoubtedly is, however, there is also a playful edge, born out of the Hash Pipe era for the stoner/slacker listeners among you.

Beverly Hills is a classic feelgood anthem (and deservedly among their biggest hits to date), while the riotous We Are All On Drugs is an absolute blast and finds Weezer at their breeziest (with lyrics including 'when you're out with your friends in your new Mercedes Benz, and you're on drugs, and you show up late for school 'cause you think you're really cool').

Strong, too, is the apologetic anthem, Pardon Me, which features yet more introspection, as well as the celebration of togetherness that is My Best Friend (you ought to be rocking around the living room to this one).

Freak Me Out is a laidback gem packed with more memorable lyrics, while Perfect Situation is a pop-friendly anthem that provokes comparisons with the similarly sunny style of Fountains of Wayne.

In truth, there isn't a bad track on the album which really ought to provide the perfect soundtrack to the approaching summer.

Interestingly, Rivers is currently back at Harvard University, studying English and American literature, and recorded Make Believe during his college breaks.

He lists one of his present interests as 'trying to be a good person' - a theme which is born out in many of the lyrics.

The search for goodness, it seems, has contributed to an album of genuine greatness!

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Track listing:
1. Beverly Hills
2. Perfect Situation
3. This Is Such A Pity
4. Hold Me
5. Peace
6. We Are All On Drugs
7. The Damage In Your Heart
8. Pardon Me
9. My Best Friend
10. The Other Way
11. Freak Me Out
12. Haunt You Everyday

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