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Wet Wet Wet - The Greatest Hits

Review: Jack Foley

CHRISTMAS time, misteltoe and compilations - oh, and you'll need the wine to get through this one.

Self-confessed housewives' favourite, Wet Wet Wet, have decided to reform and put out a Greatest Hits package. Bah humbug, I hear you cry!

Designed as a showcase of their songwriting talent, the album feels more like a thinly-disguised attempt to cash-in on the forthcoming (and over-priced) tour, while providing an unwanted reminder of their former hits.

Principal among them, of course, was the wretched Love Is All Around, taken from the soundtrack of the Working Title movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It may have worked well within the constraints of that movie, yet even Working Title saw fit to take the piss out of it, by covering it with the knowingly awful Bill Nighy version, Christmas Is All Around, taken from the soundtrack of their Love Actually movie.

Still, at least it provided some consolation while listening to this - the thought of Bill Nighy parading around with a bevy of buxom beauties, taking the proverbial out of ageing rockers, and that Robert Plant video.

But back to Wet Wet Wet. Pellow and co trawl through their biggest chart-busters, while paying attention to some of the more popular album material.

Needless to say, Wishing I Was Lucky, Angel Eyes, With A Little Help From My Friends and Goodnight Girl all get a look in, as does the current single, All I Want.

It's not that Marti Pellow's voice is bad, per se, merely soft and hopelessly chart-fixated, while that ever-present grin he provides while singing any number is difficult to shake from the brain.

Contrived would be a good way to describe what Wet Wet Wet have to offer. Needless to say, the Greatest Hits package dampened my afternoon on a rare day that it wasn't raining.

Track listing:
1. All I Want
2. Goodnight Girl
3. Temptation (Short Version)
4. Lip Service (Greatest Hits Edit)
5. Love Is All Around
6. Julia Says
7. Wishing I Was Lucky
8. Sweet Surrender (Short Version)
9. Hear Me Now
10. Sweet Little Mystery
11. Somewhere Somehow
12. Stay With Me Heartache
13. If I Never See You Again
14. Angel Eyes (Home And Away) (Short Version)
15. Don't Want To Forgive Me Now
16. She's All On My Mind
17. Morning (Greatest Hits Edit)
18. Strange (Radio Edit)
19. With A Little Help From My Friends
20. (Feels Like I'm) Walking On Water

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