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The Wire Daisies - Just Another Day

Review: Jack Foley

IT'S TIME to start shouting about The Wire Daisies, or else this hugely talented Cornish four-piece might just get overlooked!

Having already been hailed by Music Week as one of the 'unsigned discoveries of 2003', the band have since delivered some telling live performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival and Womad, while also securing a deal with EMI Music Publishing.

Recent single, Butterfly, confirmed their songwriting brilliance, courtesy of the beautifully melancholic vocals of lead singer, Treana Morris, and now the debut album, Just Another Day, forces you to sit up and take notice.

From the moment that opening track, Make Everything Change, gets going, you can tell you're listening to something a little bit special.

What follows is an album packed with infectious melodies and instantly memorable hooks, which strike a near-perfect balance between Morris' sublime vocals and the keyboards of Ol Beach, the guitars of Alden Evans and the drums of Steve Jackson.

Much of The Wire Daisies allure lies in their rich musical ability, with guitars very much to the fore during Make Everything Change, and a delicious backing beat and slightly more straight-forward guitar riff taking centre stage in Everyman.

Morris' sultry, entrancing vocal style contains an epic quality about it, which can sound as uplifting as it can melancholy - and there are several moments, early on, when she'll probably leave you heartbroken.

Yet, there is so much to admire throughout the album that it would be easy to run out of superlatives.

And what's more, they have a style that is uniquely their own, such is the confidence they must have in their own ability (and the word of mouth their early work has generated).

Other highlights include the bluesy No More, the jazz-laden The Great Outdoors, which features some more blistering guitar work, the enchanting title track (which is acoustically driven), and the tender Billy Boy, which features a beguiling piece of violin running throughout it (culminating in a quite wonderful solo).

But there isn't really a bad track on the album, making this one of the most assured and richly rewarding debut efforts of the year.

The Wire Daisies have the talent to be around for a very long time - it's up to you to make sure that they are. You won't be disappointed.


Track listing:
1. Make Everything Change
2. Everyman
Real™ l Windows™
3. No More
Real™ l Windows™
4. Butterfly
Real™ l Windows™
5. Truth That Hurts
6. The Great Outdoors
7. Just Another Day
8. Billy Boy
9. I'm Your Woman
10. Come Winter Time
11. Clearly Now

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