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Four Day Hombre step into the limelight

Story: Jack Foley

AT A time when musical taste seems headed down the pan, and bands of any worth struggle to get heard above the manufactured pop pap, it is always reassuring to find a band that is worthy of its emerging hype.

Two of the newest 'rock' acts to emerge of late are The Darkness and, more importantly, Four Day Hombre.

Both seem to have won the hearts of DJs at both XFM and Radio One - but Four Day Hombre, in particular, look set to be the ones to watch.

Their debut single, First Word is the Hardest, is out on July 7 and is a blistering piece of work, which has been described by Joe Whiley as 'scorching and beautiful in all the right places'.

The track is also being hailed by Mark & Lard, Sarah Cox, Chris Moyles and the Evening Session, after the band sent a demo version of the track to Steve Lamacq looking for a Session Unsigned slot.

It had already been picked up by XFM DJs, such as Claire Sturges, on The Works.

A five-piece hailing from the Leeds area, Four Day Hombre have toured extensively through the country since forming in 1999, honing their sound and constantly striving to make each show better than the last.

Support dates and tours with bands as varied and well known as The Coral, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead, JJ72 and Aereogramme demonstrate the complete commitment of Four Day Hombre to their music.

Keyboard player, Ed, puts it best when he describes their sound as '…really honest', adding: "We want to be the quietest, most moving band and the loudest, most uplifting band in the world all at the same time."

A contradiction no doubt but one that is easily explained by all who have seen Four Day Hombre live.

The epic sweep and delicate melodies of First Word.. and Resolve amply demonstrate the power of vocalists, Simon and Rich, while Four Day Hombre’s undoubted ability to build an emotion through to a devastating climax is there to be heard on either track.

The closing track, Too Cool to Shop, is about an anonymous bar in the 'new cool' area of Leeds, and comes across as a slamming piece of guitar overdrive laced with vicious lyrics and a groove that won’t leave your head.

All tracks were recorded and produced by the band at their studio space in Leeds.

The band are planning their first UK tour proper to coincide with the EP, and dates for July are as follows:

Thu 3rd
- Grizedale College, Lancaster University, Lancaster
Fri 4th - Isle of Man
Sat 5th - Isle of Man
Mon 7th - Barfly, London
Fri 11th - Fibbers, York
Sat 12th - Josephs Well, Leeds
Sun 13th - Boatrace, Cambridge
Sun 20th - Windmill, Brixton, London

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