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U2's One named best song of all-time by Q

Story: Jack Foley

U2’s love song, One, has been named as the greatest song ever recorded, in a poll to find the favourite 1,001 tracks of all-time by music experts at Q magazine.

Incredibly, however, the song was the Irish group's only entry in the top 100, despite an extensive back catalogue which takes in the likes of Pride (In The Name of Love), Where The Streets Have No Name and Desire (to name but three!). They did have seven other songs in the complete list, however.

Aretha Franklin's I Say a Little Prayer, written by Bacharach and David, was runner-up, while Nirvana's seminal Smells Like Teen Spirit came third.

Critical favourites, Radiohead, can lay claim to the most entries on the list, with nine in total, with the song, Creep, from arguably their greatest album, The Bends, charting at number seven, while The Beatles notched up eight, with their track, A Day In The Life, coming in at number four.

Something, In My Life and Paperback Writer were also included, as were eight of John Lennon's solo efforts.

The poll was conducted using the musical expertise of Q's writers, as well as a selection of well-known musicians.

Surprisingly, the most modern song in the top 10 was Destiny's Child 2000 hit, Independent Woman (Part One) at eight, while controversial rapper, Eminem, charted at number seven, with My Name Is, which reached the number one spot in the UK, in 1999.

Commenting on the poll, and the winner in particular, Paul Trynka, editor-in-chief of the Q special edition, said that he thought people voted for One because ‘it's a classic that still feels fresh’.

"It's a great tune but despite being over ten years old we haven't had time to get bored of it," he added.

The top ten in full:

1. U2 - One
2. Aretha Franklin - I Say a Little Prayer
3. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
4. The Beatles - A Day in the Life
5. Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto
6. Eminem - My Name Is
7. Radiohead - Creep
8. Destiny's Child - Independent Women
9. Oasis - Live Forever
10. Ike and Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High

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