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Alex Lloyd, pardon the pun, but he truly is Amazing!

Review: Emma Whitelaw

FOLLOWING the success of his critically-acclaimed Australian Tour, Alex Lloyd wowed a sell-out crowd at Islington Academy on Wednesday night (July 14, 2004).

As a live act, Alex Lloyd is nothing short of brilliant! Accompanied only by his keyboardist, the lovely Barbara Griffin, he opened the set with his forthcoming single, Hello the End, due for a UK release on July 19.

Smitten from the start, the largely Aussie crowd’s adoration was gratified as Alex serenaded us with his gorgeous ballad, Green: "If you wanna be free, please don’t fall for me, I could be anyone but your friend."

After a couple of broken strings and a few laughs later (from both Alex and the crowd), he continued on with classics like, My Way Home, Lucky Star, What a Year and My Friend.

The set featured a few new songs but as his latest offering, Distant Light, is yet to be released in the UK, Alex treated his fans to the songs they know oh so well. Not one of the 800-plus crowd didn’t know the lyrics or sing-along.

Never before have I seen an audience have such a bond with the artist they’ve come to see.

It was as though there was some sort of mutual understanding between us all.

It is little wonder, though, as most of Alex Lloyd’s songs, especially those from his new album, have an 'away from home' feel. The antipodeans were most certainly out in full force that night.

That said; I met quite a few Brits at the show, too, who seemed to be just as into it as the rest of us. His is a music that knows no bounds, and literally ranges from folk, to country, to good old Aussie rock!

As simplified as an ensemble can get, Alex claimed he’d only bought two guitars cause he 'couldn’t be arsed carrying any more'! Yet despite the scaled down line-up, the quality was unreal!

The song that really got everyone’s vocal chords working was his multi-platinum single, Amazing. As the lights dimmed and Alex walked off-stage, the crowd cheered and screamed.

It was a mere matter of time before the dark and handsome one re-appeared to play Black the Sun.

The stunning encore featured some of his most deeply melodic tracks, Snow and Aliens, and it was obvious that Alex had enjoyed the set as he finished with Coming Home, with rock star guitar jumps and all!

I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate the intensity of an Alex Lloyd live set.

It truly was an extraordinary experience and I greatly look forward to the next time he’s in London!

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