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Alterkicks - Zane Lowe's not-so new hot tips!

Feature: Jack Foley

WHEN Radio One’s Zane Lowe played the Alterkicks demo in November of 2004 little did he know that, for once, he wasn’t the first in the queue.

Through a year of shows in their native North West, Alterkicks had quietly gone about building a solid and widening fanbase without any notice from the rest of the country.

Once the demo was played, that soon changed and the record companies also pricked up their ears.

In tandem, more and more fans registered with the site and started a campaign for the band to play in the South of England - a request that was finally fulfilled when they supported Thirteen Senses at Shepherd's Bush Empire on Monday, March 7.

So far this leads us to Alterkicks debut single through the internationally renowned first home for all decent talent, Fierce Panda.

Released on March 14, Do Everything I Taught You along with extra tracks, The Cannibal Hiking Disaster and Do Me A Favour will be the starting point for the band.

Alterkicks were formed through adverts in shops in Merseyside and Cheshire.

Though now based in Liverpool, the band are drawn from far and wide.

Now jobless as the pressures of the band overtook their first chosen careers, the five are currently becoming experts on the interest free loopholes of credit card introductory offers.

"You can change them every six months and transfer the debt," according to vocalist, Martin Stilwell. The working population’s loss is Capital One’s gain it would seem.

The band has also been fighting their way through the usual appalling early shows.

"We once did a charity gig in Croxteth Park to old ladies and dogs. We were on after the raffle," confesses guitarist and co-vocalist, Gareth Padfield.

However, the band has continued to hone their sond, until hitting upon something that drew as heavily from the melodic intricacy of Love as the sheer noise attack of Pixies to create a set that is, for a new band, full of stone cold classics in waiting.

With a strident musical ability linked to Martin’s surreal yet intimate lyrics, Alterkicks were keen to play outside of the system until they were personally sure that they were ready.

When Zane Lowe nailed his colours firmly to their mast, that time had come.

Based on the continued good reaction to their material so far, expect to be hearing plenty more from the Alterkicks this year...

The Alterkicks full line-up is Martin Stilwell (Vocals); Gareth Padfield (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals); Mike Oates (Guitar, Vocals); Mark Karin (Bass) and Oliver Hughes (Drums).

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