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Archive - The Noise/Fuck u interview

Interview: Jack Foley

ARCHIVE are huge in Europe but have yet to find the UK audience their music deserves.

With their latest album, Noise, the band is seeking to change their fortunes. IndieLondon's Jack Foley finds out how...

Q. Congratulations on Noise, is this the album to bring you as widespread UK success as you've enjoyed with your past work across Europe?
We hope so. It would be nice to finally get some success here as it is home. I think, the feel and frustration of the album works for these times in the UK.

Q. Do you ever get frustrated that the UK market hasn't embraced you as fondly, perhaps, as France, Belgium, Spain or Italy?
It is frustrating because there is a lot of shit music getting a lot of attention. But we do get to tour Europe and would rather play in Barcelona than in Hull.

Q. The PR talks of a creative frenzy surrounding the album. Would you care to embellish? What made this one so exciting to work on?
It feels as exciting as every album, but I think the timing is different. I think maybe UK is ready for us.

Q. Which are your favourite tracks and why?
They change each day depending on my mood. They change all the time when we’re playing live as well.

Q. New single, Fuck U, hits online shops on August 1. Interesting name. Certain to bring it notoriety and/or controversy - but surely one that prohibits a pre-watershed radio airing? Or is it safe to say you no longer give a f*** about such things?
We have never compromised our music and don’t think the statement being made would be as strong if we changed the lyrics to be radio friendly.

Q. Staying with the single, why so angry? Is it aimed at anyone in particular?
It was inspired by Bush and Blair. Hence the anger.

Q. The lyrics are particularly emotive and well worth listening to, much like the rest of the album, how did it come together as a whole? Did it take long to work on?
The album actually happened quickly for us. Three months of recording in London and one month mixing in Paris.
Fuck U came together easily. Darius heard the Rhodes part and kept playing it over again, so while he did that I started writing a ‘rant’ inspired that day by seeing Bush’s slimey face in the morning and that was that.

Q. Taking a look at Archive's history, can you tell us how you got together and a little bit about yourselves - your influences? How you met?
We met in the studio in 1991. We were working with a guy called Christian on an act called Genacide II. He knew us both us both and wanted us to work on a track called Narramine.
As for influences,
we both have different and similar influences. When we met it was a great time for house music, which we both loved.
Darius grew up listening to The Who, Beatles, etc and classical. I was listening to Hip Hop, Funk etc. I’m sure it’s all in there somewhere.

Q. Why do you think France, in particular, has embraced you so wholeheartedly?
Never been sure. I know they are very attentive people and like depth and space in music and not straight forward guitar-based bands. But otherwise we don’t have a clue. They have got good taste though.

Q. What do you think of the current state of the UK music scene and the re-emergence of bands? Does this bode well for the reception of Noise and Fuck U?
I feel timing is very good for us now in the UK. There are enough bands out there who want to be The Clash. I think people are bored and there are some good and interesting bands coming up. Maybe it’s time for us to sneak in.

Q. What are your live plans - both UK and abroad - for the rest of the year?
We were playing an acoustic set in Italy last week which was beautiful. Now we only have festivals to do – The Nandrine festival in Belgium, Gampel and Heitre Zoffingen in Switzerland where we will play alongside Iggy Pop and Fete De LA Humanite in Paris.

Q. What does the future hold for Archive? Where do you go from here?
We are working on the new album at the moment and we are very excited. We want to have it finished for Christmas. Hopefully some live shows in the UK before the end of the year, that would make a change.

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