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The Date that leads to a French Kiss for Avril

Story: Jack Foley

AWARD-winning pop-electronica maestro, Avril, releases the first single to be taken from his acclaimed album, That Horse Must be Starving album, this week - a double a-side comprising the tracks The Date and French Kiss.

The Date features the vocal talents of Avril-ette, Ana Rago, while French Kiss covers the classic Lil Louis acid house anthem in Avril’s own uniquely innovative and original style.

The CD single also includes a remix of The Date by Emilie Simon, as well as the video for the track.

There is also a limited edition, promo only, one-sided vinyl 12-inch of the track, French Kiss.

Paris resident, Avril, is another thoroughbred from the always reliable F Comm stable that is also home to Laurent Garnier and St Germain.

His Now It’s Spring debut showcased his pop-electronica talents and 2003 saw his return to the fray with That Horse Must Be Starving and this forthcoming single.

Prior to it's UK release, the album had been released in Europe, where it amassed critical acclaim and won the Prix Constantin, the French equivalent of our own Mercury Music Award.

Avril became the first winner of this prestigious award, beating off strong competition from The Gotan Project, and Le Peuple de L’Herbe, among others.

Since then, he has been touring all over Europe and now threatens to bring his live show to these shores in time for the summer sun…

And the critics appear to have been lapping it up.

Q Magazine awarded the album four out of four and described it as 'a compelling mix of melody-soaked pop songs and experimental sonics… this year’s Royksopp anyone?', while Jockey Slut referred to it, simply, as 'joyous'.

Muzik Magazine referred to its 'Bowie-esque vocal harmonies, driving basslines, eerie, Boards of Canada-like washes and Pole style scratchiness, plus spoken word samples', before adding: "No wonder F Comm consider this really rather wonderful album to be their secret weapon for 2003."

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