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Blues Explosion set to do some Damage with new album

Story: Jack Foley

AFTER the demise of his groovy hate-fuck band, Pussy Galore, Jon Spencer formed The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, with Russell Simins and Judah Bauer.

For 13 years, they have continually proven to be one of the most exciting and innovative bands in rock roll, with an uncompromising torrent of groundbreaking records and incendiary live shows.

With their seventh album, Damage, they have stripped down their name to, simply, Blues Explosion.

Says Spencer: "It has always been The Blues Explosion. It has never been a solo act. We’re brothers. This is just a show of our solidarity, our strength, and our love."

Drummer, Russell Simins, was born in Queens, New York - also home to the Ramones, Kiss, the New York Dolls, the Shangri Las, Gene Krupa, and the final resting place of Louis Armstrong.

Since forming the Blues Explosion with Jon Spencer, he has also recorded several CDs for the famed Grand Royal Label, including cult-fave Butter 08.

Judah Bauer moved to New York City, in 1991, where he met Jon Spencer and Russell Simins jamming in a basement studio.

The three of them immediately formed a bond whose consistency, creativity, and longevity speaks for itself.

Playing a variety of Telecasters behind Spencer’s 'vacuum-cleaner guitar', Judah has managed to keep the Blues Explosion edge and dangerously sharp, and has emerged as one of America’s great unsung guitar heroes.

He also records with his own band, 20 Miles.

Damage, however, marks the band's most exciting album yet, given that its rock'n'roll message took FIVE studios and a team of producers to capture the sound!

Back with a vengence after 2002’s gritty Plastic Fang, the Blues Explosion has returned with a record of unparalleled depth, recorded with an incredible team of producers and sonic witch doctors, including DJ Shadow, David Holmes, and Dan The Automator.

Plastic Fang producer, Steve Jordan (who has also worked with the Rolling Stones), is also back, along with Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Nine Inch Nails, among others.).

Tracking was done in New York City at Russell Simins’ Empire View studio, in the shadow of the Empire State Building, and at the world famous Globe studios. Mixing and further Blues Exploding went down at Sears Sound, Stratosphere and Electric Lady Land studios.

Special guests include singer, Martina Topley Bird, New York no-wave icon, James Chance, and Public Enemy heavyweight, Chuck D.

"I have moved Heaven and Earth to bring you people this message. These Blues are gonna kill me," concludes Jon Spencer.

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