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Breed 77 - Aiming to become a Breed apart...

Feature: Jack Foley

BREED 77 are widely considered to be one of Britain's brightest young rock prospects for some time.

Their sound, as exemplified by recent track, The River, veers between the stadium-based, power-ballads of Pearl Jam, to the out-and-out metal of Metallica, and the vibe surrounding them certainly seems to be growing.

The band was formed in late April of 1996 and comprised Danny Felice, Paul Isola , Stuart Cavilla and Lawrence Bautista.

Danny and Stuart were formerly of the thrash metal band, Winter of Torment, which probably explains some of the heavier stuff.

But things really began to take off for Breed 77 when they relocated to the UK from Gibraltar, in 1997, and swiftly won Kerrang!'s 'Best Unsigned Band' readers' poll in 1998.

As a result, they signed a five album deal with Albert Productions UK in 2001.

Alberts had recently scored a Top 40 success with Violent Delight's I Wish I Was A Girl single, which, despite no airplay because of graphic lyrics, managed to chart at number 25.

Breed 77 subsequently recorded their debut self-titled album at Alberts, in the Summer of 2001, and released it in November 2001 to huge acclaim.

Kerrang, once again, led the accolades, but other good reviews weren't far behind.

But having spent much of 2002 on the road, building a live following around Europe, and going down a storm in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, Breed 77 finally got around to recording La Ultima Hora (The Final Hour) in January 2003.

Just over 12 months later, and they're set to release Cultura, as well as headlining a massive tour of the UK's rock club circuit.

In addition, they have also been confirmed to open the main stage at the Castle Donnington Download Festival on June 6, when they will be the only British band on the bill, which comprises Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Slayer, Machinehead, Soulfly, Il Nino and Turbonegro.

Aforementioned single, The River, also made the Top 40 (debuting at 38), which marked a watershed moment for the band, particularly as it also entered the indie singles chart at No. 6.

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