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Tuning into the story behind Broadcast

Story: Jack Foley

BROADCAST formed in Birmingham sometime in the mid '90s, and looked to be part of a vague scene of kindred spirits that also incorporated Pram and labelmates Plone.

Their first seven-inch sinle, Accidentals, emerged on the now-defunct Wurlitzer Jukebox label early in 1996, when they were immediately labelled among a nameless movement quietly reacting against the prevailing Britpop hegemony.

Yet Broadcast have emerged from that label as one of the most exciting and challenging musicians of the moment, as evidenced by the critical reaction to their debut album, The Noise Made By People.

Three years on, and they are back in the limelight again, confirming what many have described as an outstanding, if experimental talent.

Their latest album, Ha Ha Sound has had music journalists drooling, with many rating its surreal, abstract and beguiling tracks as being among the finest of the year so far.

Broadcast are Trish Keenan (vocals), Roj Stevens (keyboards), James Cargill (bass), Tim Felton (guitar), Keith York and Steve Perkins (drums).

According to one music journalist, Bon Stanley, Broadcast create 'music that tries to break out, burst free into Utopia using electronica, twisted samples, perverse rhythms and otherworldly wordless vocals....

"Music that suggested a million new directions, none of them pointing to Memphis or Moseley Shoals."

Ha Ha Sound was recorded in James Cargill's house, bar the drums, which were taped in a church hall across the road.

Their influences range from the cinematic excesses of Milos Forman's Loves Of A Blonde, and Hans Richter's Dreams That Money Can Buy, to Karl Orff's Musica Poetica, or eccentric British jazzman, Basil Kirchin.

And while they may not be the name on everyone's lips in terms of the mainstream, they have a huge following in America - where they are seen as something of a 'best kept secret' - and a growing fanbase in the UK.

HaHa Sound could just be the album that brings them even greater prominence.


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