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Say Yes to the solo Tim Burgess

Story: Paul White & Jack Foley

TIM Burgess may best be known as being frontman of The Charlatans since 1989, but he is not averse to going it alone.

Having teamed up with the Chemical Brothers for Life Is Sweet, and Saint Etienne, for Born on Christmas Day, the singer/songwriter is now going it solo, while the Charlatans take a break.

IndieLondon's Paul White and Jack Foley have had a glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming album, I Believe, ahead of his London dates on August 19 and 20 at The Scala.

And the first thing to say is that the new tracks contain plenty of surprises, from Motown funk to head-nodding disco breaks.

On first listen, it seems there are comparisons to be made to previous Charlatans sounds, particularly during first single, I Believe In The Spirit, which is a good choice for the Charlatans fans to feel the flow.

But this Northwich country boy is no slacker, as the songs Say Yes and Be My Baby are thundering slices of quality music and first-class writing, on Burgess' part.


Say Yes, in particular, is a rocking tune, which allows you to imagine Burgess bouncing around the stage.

In a way, this must feel, for Burgess, like a rebirth, a chance for the artist to prove himself all over again, just as he had to when The Charlatans were first starting out.

Be My Baby is like a modern day acoustic ballad, with melancholic twists and the now trademark falsetto, complete with strings and the mouth organ to begin with.

The track seems to draw on a lot of influences, from West Coast cool to Sgt Pepper, while still maintaining an identity all of its own.

Only A Boy, meanwhile, contains some happy-go-lucky horn blasting, and is a B-line shaking trip through the happier side of Tim's West Coast life.

Oh My Corazon fits in well with the rest of the album, retaining the feelgood vibe which the rest of the track samplers portray.

Which brings us to the single itself, an obvious choice for a first release, given that it is most reminiscent of The Charlatans' Wonderland sound, complete with falsetto and some folk guitars.

This album looks as though it will have everything good you will expect from 'the Cheshire cat, including plenty of Dandelion and Burdock'; which, roughly translated, means it's all good.

The single is out on August 25 and the album follows on September 8.


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