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X-static about Coldcut at Cargo's Remix

Review: Rob Lord

XFM’s Remix Night returned to Cargo on Thursday, June 19, with veteran dance moguls, Coldcut.

The Remix night, established by XFM DJ's, Eddy Temple-Morris and James Hyman, aimed at showcasing those B-Sides that are generally ignored by the record-buying public, has brought us the hottest DJ’s in the remix scene on a monthly basis for over a year.

Their Sunday evening show has led the way and the club night naturally followed.

But none of this would have existed without the original pioneers of dance music, Coldcut - aka former art teacher, Jonathan More, and computer programmer, Matt Black .

They came with decks, laptops and toys to prove they could still cut it by playing a set as eclectic as it was original.

To try and name the tracks they played would be foolhardy, as anyone who has seen them before will know that they can switch and swap tracks as much as they jump across the musical spectrum.

They are the only DJ’s who can drop Teddy Bear’s Picnic, get a cheer and then storm off into Pump Up The Volume. Their unique way of blending unassuming samples with corking beats has been copied so many times, yet they still remain the granddaddies of dance.

Occasionally, too obsessed with the laptops and toys, they can lapse into ‘up their own arseness’, but
Coldcut are never more than a tune away from a classic.

Their innate ability to remind you of a by-gone master, or future hit is unrivalled.

An hour and half of Coldcut for six quid is a not a night to be passed up.

This, coupled with Eddie and James, the custodians of the Remix, was too good an opportunity to pass up, and the XFM duo also delivered the goods with a typically up-to-date set of remixes.

If your interested in hearing any of Coldcut’s set, or sampling Eddie and James, then tune into the Remix on
a Sunday. The frequency is 104.9.

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