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Coldplay look to go Streets ahead

Story: Jack Foley

EVER one to be adventurous, Coldplay's Chris Martin has confirmed that the band has recorded a collaboration with Mike Skinner, from urban outfit, The Streets.

Speaking on the band's website, Martin said that the track had been put down while the band were in London, 'messing around'.

The news, which was also aired on Radio 1, could well divide fans regarding the merits of such a collaboration.

Certainly, I'm no fan of The Streets, but the track, according to a Radio 1 expert, is sung in The Streets' style, but retains Martin's distinctive vocals. A number of versions are said to exist, including one with Jon Buckland's guitar, although it is not yet known whether it will ever be considered as a single.

Martin, himself, states: "In Mayfair we’re not doing any Coldplay stuff, I’m just messing around. We did a song with The Streets and stuff.

"I really went off the idea of collaborations, ‘cause when someone you really like asks you, you say ‘Ok’ when you’ve got free time.

"I think we finished a huge tour and then went straight into the studio to get down these ideas in case we died or something, before they were recorded, and so now we’re just having a few weeks off, taking it easy, we really haven’t stopped for a while.

"I was desperate to record some new songs. We recorded enough of them to make sure that if our plane goes down, they can be finished. We’ve definitely made enough for a box set."

Talking about the new album itself, Martin added: "We started it [the recording process] after the last album was finished; even though I went through about three months of thinking there wouldn’t be another album.

"We actually started writing, so now we’ve been writing songs for this next record for 18 months and we’ve probably written about 60 and ditched about 52 of them.

"So we did some work in Chicago, we did quite a lot in Chicago already actually."

The album is not expected until the end of next year, at the earliest, and may represent a further progression of the band's sound.

Although Martin was keen to stress that it 'still sounds like us', it will also be radically different from its predecessors.

"You’ve got to change a bit," he explained. "I think it’s all about songs. Our sound will change, but all we care about is melody and emotion.

"As long as there’s that, I don’t care. Our next album, I already know, is gonna sound different from the last one, but hopefully we could still have done those songs in the way we did the first."

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