So nearly... The Complete Stone Roses

Review by Paul White

'ROSES, Roses, Roses', was the cry from the crowd at many a Stone Roses gig in the late Eighties, through to when the Manchester-based band split.

Tonight (Saturday, December 1, 2001) promised a full on journey into the nostalgia and the myth of the Roses and their music and that is what we got.

The Ian Brown impersonator was kitted out in the money T-shirt that Brown donned in their glory days and the John Squire impersonator was also clothed accordingly and had the guitar licks and style of Squire, motionless yet fully in tune with every guitar lick that he pulled off.

The first tune, I Wanna Be Adored, is always a good one to start on and the crowd thought so too. Musically, The Complete Stone Roses - as they call themselves - were tight and the Brown impersonator had the attitude and voice to boot.

Although having said this, the lead singer's reworking of Brown's attitude did become a bit much and sometimes seemed too much of a parody. If you go to see a tribute band, then really all you can expect is for the band to emulate their idols, but it would have been better to see the real deal, which sadly will never happen.

That said, there were some classics played during the Complete Roses' set. She Bangs The Drums was a fine rendition, as was Sally Cinnamon. The highlight of the evening, however, was when they captured the essence of the Roses by playing Fools Gold and I Am The Resurrection, which nearly brought the house down.

Mostly the band played classics from the first album, which included Sugar Spun Sister, Waterfall and Shoot You Down, although there were a couple taken from The Second Coming album and these also went down really well.

All in all the Saturday night at The Garage was a success and the people that turned up to see The Complete Stone Roses were not disappointed with the performance.

The only slight departure from the Roses routine of old came when the band came on for an encore, which is very unlike the Roses. But respect is due to this band, though, for giving people an experience that they otherwise would never have these days - unless they dig out their copy of the Blackpool Live video and put it on continuous playback. Which is always a classic idea.