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Who are Diefenbach? The band behind Glorious

Story: Jack Foley

EARLY descriptions of Diefenbach saw them being hailed as 'the new Beta Band', although that could be a little wide of the mark.

The band specialise in a magical blend of post-rock invention and classic rock harmonies that has helped win them an ever-growing army of fans, especially if they happen to listen to Xfm's evening shows.

Glorious, Diefenbach’s second single to come from their forthcoming third album, Set And Drift, is already a firm favourite with listeners and rates as one of the freshest pop songs of the summer, in spite of some deliberately obscure (and painful) lyrics.

With emotion levels turned up to 11 and a rush of energy and melody in their playing, it proves this band have come a long way from their post rock beginnings six years ago.

Taking in dreamy elements from the late 60’s and a respect for singer songwriters like Tom Petty and Neil Young, Diefenbach have attempted to construct the perfect modern day pop song without losing their own sense of quirkiness and mystery.

The single comes with two B-Sides in the form of Travel The World, which finds them cruising a country and western route, and Bittersweet Honey, which brings out their love of the electronic.

Following from the success of last single Favourite Friend, Diefenbach are now signing autographs in their native Denmark and playing to sell-out shows.

In the UK, with critical acclaim from last year’s album Run Trip Fall still behind them and the experience of two full tours of the UK (including support act for Mylo), Diefenbach are now set in good stead to cast their addictive spell onto thousands more fans waiting to learn about this band.

NME described Diefenbach last year as taking 'everything good from the last 40 years of pop music'.

As more and more people awaken to Diefenbach’s sound, those rock stadiums are getting one step closer.

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