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Do Me Bad Things - We don’t strive for popularity, we strive for personal excellence

Interview: Jack Foley

DO ME Bad Things, the hotly-tipped blues/rock/soul/metal/everything/anything nine-piece from Croydon, release their debut album, Yes!, on April 11, which is proving to be a real head-turned in industry circles.

The band formed, legend has it, on St Valentine's Day 2003, when the nucleus of Alex Lewis, fellow songwriter, Tom Shotton, and Ad Mallett formed what was originally intended to be a stoner rock trio, purely for fun, to enliven the dullness of the sleepy Surrey suburbs.

The ensuing line-up includes: Nicolai Prowse – vocals; Chantal Brown - Vocals; Mark Woods – Vocals; Tom Shotton - Drums/Keyboards/Guitars; Alex Lewis - Guitar/Vocals; Ad Mallet - Bass/Vocals; Rich Aldhurst – Guitar; Kimberley Whalley - Vocals; Clare Macdonald-Haig – Vocals.

Here, Jack Foley chats to them about their story so far and hopes for the future...

Q. Congratulations on a terrific new single and a great new album, you must be very pleased with the reaction to your music so far? How does that make you feel, especially in regard to What's Hideous?
It’s very nice that other people like our music. We like What’s Hideous too but Lewis doesn’t like it.

Q. I've read in various places that you are the UK equivalent of The Scissor Sisters, with touches of The Darkness thrown in. Are such comparisons a help or a hindrance? They must be flattering if people think you can reach that level of popularity?
Not at all. We don’t strive for popularity, we strive for personal excellence. We are nothing like the Scissor Sisters, in fact we are nothing.

Q. Nine members. So how did you meet?
At the athletics club

Q. And formed on St Valentine's Day in 2003. A happy coincidence? Or a great way to express your love for music?
Pure accident. We didn’t actually ‘form’ on Feb 14, we just had our first proper practice then.

Q. There are some great names among you - Chantal Delusional, Rich Man, Ad Lick and Hurricane Tommy - care to elaborate some more on how you came to them?
We thought they were funny. They often change daily though.

Q. Your ability to mix musical styles, from blues, to rock, to soul, to metal is forcing people to take notice. How do you come to choose what styles you are going to put together on a single?
. There is no planning. We just make up songs and play them and they just come out that way.

Q. And what was the reaction from record executives when you first started sending out demos?
We never sent out demos. This dude from Must Destroy saw us playing a gig by accident.

Q. What inspired the songs on the album? And which are your favorites? Which do you hope to see become singles? And is there a lot of material that maybe didn't make it?
There were about 37 songs that didn’t make it. The songs are generally inspired equally by feeling of joy and compassion and a preoccupation with the horror of existence.

Q. What has the reaction been like in other countries? Have you been to the US yet?
Poland’s going apeshit! Seriously! I went to Florida and had a really bad time.

Q. And what are tour plans/festival plans for the coming year? What's the grand plan for the rest of 2005?
We’re going to tour a bit, there’s not really a grand plan.

Q. And finally, who inspires you?
Ian Johnsen, Alan Hake, Tim Nash, Tokyo Dragons, Hank, Alex Smith, Liberty DeVito, James Feast.

Q. Congratulations and we hope everything works out well for you, in the future, and, more immediately, for the new single and album. I'm sure it will work out well.
Thanks very much, much appreciated, apologies for the oblique cryptic answers, it’s been a long morning.

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