A charity evening that will Live Forever in the memory!

By Darren Stokes

This review, of one of the feelgood concerts of the year, was kindly submitted to the pages of Indielondon by Darren Stokes. Feel free to do the same, whether gigs inspire, disappoint, or simply bring out the wordsmith in you. We look forward to receiving your views....

TUESDAY, October 29, 2002, the Make Trade Fair gig at the Astoria, is a date that will live with me for a long time.

Having been tipped off by the NME that Mr Gallagher and Mr Martin were to be in attendance, I was sold, having been tempted by the bill of South, Lamb, Idlewild and Ms Dynamite.

This was NOW way too good to miss! So along I went, with my giggin buddy... Tredmill, you know who you are... hehehehehe... Unfortunately, Toby and Kie had issues with it being a school night!!! Slack!??

The night was kicked off nicely by South, who were an unknown quantity to me. But given that the night was to be a strictly acoustic affair, they left me with thoughts of Turin Brakes and Starsailor, but a bit more positive.

Lamb were definitely not to be missed, with a sound that Zane 'the compere' Lowe coined as electronica without realizing. They swept us away with their big bass and striking vocals, and an unexpected energy.

A great start was continued by Idlewild, who looked a little overwhelmed by the welcome they received, but they delivered all of their classics with great aplomb, even when heckled and attacked by missiles by some morons who'd obviously just come to see Noel!!!

But, having said that, the man who needed no introduction (because Zane said so) put that minority (and they were a minority, having to take turns with the brain cell so they could do whatever they do!!!) to ease by playing amazingly diverse versions of Oasis tracks Talk Tonight, Slide Away, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, and an amazing Married With Children.

He certainly impressed me, and I've seen him play four times before! I even phoned Kie while Slide Away played, just to rub it in. Noel got maximum respect, and the banter was quality, having stopped during the first line of Talk Tonight to ask everyone to listen, instead of singing, which everyone kindly obliged with, right up until Don't Look Back... It was amazing.

Next up, after a very poignant appearance by Simon Pegg (of TV's Spaced) and mate, were Coldplay, who - like Noel before them - were humble to the cause and their peers. Martin even joked that receiving top billing, ahead of the likes of Noel Gallagher, was like going on after the sixth formers, so they could go off for a funny ciggy!!!

And so ensued the continuation of an already magical night... The first three tracks were breathtaking in such a raw form, as Kie again will testify (I recorded The Scientist onto his answer phone!!!!).

Martin and guitarist, Jon Buckland, delivered terrific versions of In My Place, Don't Panic and The Scientist, before introducing Ms Dynamite, whose introduction was awesome. We were blown away by such an amazing vocal... especially on her 'Dy-na-mi-tee', which lived up to the title.

The Mercury Music Prize winner then teamed up with Martin for versions of It Takes More, Three Little Birds and Dy-Na-Mi-Tee before the moment I'd been secretly praying for... Yellow, with Noel Gallagher.

What a song! Martin welcomed Noel back on stage by describing him as 'the greatest songwriter of our generation', and Noel knew he was playing with the best of the next... and playing the 'Live forever' of the 21st Century. The moments which followed were absolutely breathtaking - there were maximum grins all round.

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before, again with Noel Gallagher, epitomised the tone of the evening, with both Buckland and Martin taunting the struggling Noel, who seemed to have forgotten some chords!

And just as we thought it couldn't get any better, Live Forever began, with the first few chords of THAT song ringing out for everyone to savour. It was an amazing version, with Noel and Chris sharing the vocals, and the latter cheekily urging Noel to speed it up a bit.

Many Rivers To Cross, a great song from Chris on keyboards, came next but, to be honest, I was still reeling from Live Forever, so I can't remember a lot, but when Whatever followed, I soon snapped out of it, as Noel re-emerged for a comical version of another Oasis favourite.

Such was the tone of the evening, Chris forgot the words, causing Noel to snigger and consequently forget them himself. It was top entertainment, and plain to see that they were having a laugh - and so it crossed over to us.

The night was played out with Octopus's Garden and then a sniggering, 'what the hell are we doing' end. In a word, amazing!

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