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Gledhill - [We want] to write the biggest, the most uplifting, epic songs that man had ever heard

Story: Jack Foley

GLEDHILL are David Gledhill (vocals, rhythm guitar), Tom Jarvis (lead guitar), Julian Gallagher (bass guitar), Liam Oliver (drums) and Tracey Wilkinson (piano, backing vocals). They hail from Sheffield and release their first ever single, Resurrect Me, on May 16.

Gledhill's first show in the capital at the Barfly had coincided with an apocalyptic downpour which gridlocked West London and marooned some of the finest faces in A&R.

The follow-up was an insanely euphoric live experience which saw the stadium-sized ghosts of Keane, Coldplay and U2 tussling for attention in Gledhill's ecstatically overblown oeuvre.

This is no coincidence. Centrifugal force, David Gledhill, confesses that the basic premise behind the band was 'to write the biggest, the most uplifting, epic songs that man had ever heard'.

Resurrect Me aims to be one such tune and there are roughly eight more numbers lurking in the Gledhill canon that could easily pass for a triumphant debut single.

The band seek to provide heroically open-hearted songs about love, loss and waving your hands in the air, as well as lethally commercial songs about streets, roots and driving home for Christmas.

Unsurprisingly, word on the underground has been brewing about Gledhill since their formation in the spring of 2004: an overjoyed Owen Morris (Oasis, Ash, The Verve) produced their demos; a seriously impressed Andy Green (Keane) has produced the single; and Resurrect Me has already been played in demo form on Zane Lowe's Radio One show last year.

Meanwhile, Gledhill have been keeping their feet firmly on the ground with a monthly residency at the tiny Grapes venue, in Sheffield, and a series of low-key smash 'n' grab raids on London's delicate toilet circuit ears, including the support for Keane at Fierce Panda's 11th birthday party at the Bull & Gate in February.

The debut single, Resurrect Me, is released on May 16, 2005 through Fierce Panda.

All forthcoming Gledhill releases will be out on MX3 Records, an independent record label in the UK, with Sony/BMG being the record company for the rest of the world.

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