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Goldfrapp - Somerset House (July 13, 2003)

Review: Roland Stanbridge-Miles

BEAUTIFUL - sonically and physically. But that's enough about me (ha!). Alison Goldfrapp and her band (Goldfrapp) are also here with me, this evening.

The weekend before, they played at Glastonbury, but I was unable to see them, as I wasn't there, having been stupid enough to turn down a ticket - a decision I have regretted ever since (in fact, I have only just recovered from a series of headaches brought about by banging my head against the wall in frustration!).

So, tonight is my Glastonbury. The band is the same. The venue is the same (well, almost!). Somerset House is a bit like Glastonbury, but with slightly more concrete; yet still picturesque and with nicer toilets - which I am in when 'the first band'
come on.

I've used inverted commas because I never did find out what they're
called (this lack of professionalism will never get me a job on the NME), but I'm not too bothered as I won't be seeking them out again.

That's actually a bit harsh, as their first few songs are quite good - they have a touch of the recent Primal Scream about them.

But from then on, they bore me with
what sounds like a succession of Underworld rejects.

Goldfrapp live up to the praise my Glastonbury-visiting friend has lavished upon them ever since the festival.

I don't know the names of any
songs - yet more evidence of a lack of professionalism - though, in my
defence, I could hardly pretend to be a huge fan.

I hadn't planned to come, but won
the tickets in a competition, probably ahead of London's biggest Goldfrapp
fans, who were distraught at not seeing their heroes play.

My favourite song that I don't know the name of is one that was apparently used in a car advert (nice to see they can break Moby's monopoly in that area!).

This song falls into their 'slow and dreamy' style.

Their other style is 'fast and bleepy' (I believe it's passe to use the word
'electrocl*sh' now). Both are good, the former slightly more so.

It's quite appropriate that the band are named after the singer. Not
only is it a name that deserves to be used as a band name, but she is
inevitably the focus of everyone's attention, due to her charismatic stage presence and non-encounter with the ugly tree.

And during one song in the encore, she does things with a theremin that set the male hormones in the crowd racing faster than Michael Schumacher with a rocket up his arse.

Who needs Glastonbury!?

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