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Imogen Heap - Some quick facts about Speak For Yourself

Feature: Jack Foley

DETERMINED, unique and undoubtedly gifted Imogen Heap is to release of her second solo album, Speak For Yourself, on July 25th.

The single, Hide And Seek, was the main track on the season finale of The OC recently and, since the UK screening, has catapulted into the top 20 of I Tunes.

Here are some quick facts about Imogen to get you in the mood for Speak For Yourself…

1) Armed with Pro-Tools, some geeky toys and a room full of instruments ranging from a cello to carpet tubes in her South London studio, she wrote, recorded and produced every note of her album herself. Imogen treats her unique voice like another instrument by layering up and arranging the many vocal parts that intertwine in and around each other.

2) Imogen had many major labels wishing to sign her, however she boldly decided to re-mortgage her flat, record the album and release then Speak for yourself on her own label Megaphonic.

3) Lead single Hide And Seek is already taking the States by storm. One week after it was played-out in the closing sequence to the season 2 finale of cult drama series, The O.C., in a prize slot which last season used Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, Hide And Seek climbed to No.32 in the Official Billboard Hot 100 Download Chart shot up to no.1 in the iTunes USA Electronic chart.

4) Hide and Seek – which was only available on iTunes had 9,700 downloads in the first week alone and more impressively, gave Megaphonic the only independently-released track in the entire Hot 100 chart for that week. As a direct result of The OC’s broadcast in USA Imogen received over 50,000 hits to her site.

5) Imogen’s gigged with many artists including Rufus Wainwright, Royksopp, Lamb and Coldplay.

6) Zack Braff (writer/director/leading man) of the hit movie Garden State personally selected Frou Frou’s (imogen’s band with Guy Sigsworth) Let Go for the Grammy award-winning soundtrack to the film.

7) Imogen’s tracks have also been featured on such US cult shows as CSI and Six Feet Under. A song recorded for Six Feet Under is on the current SFU Soundtrack. Imogen’s song Goodnight and Go is also on The OC mix 4 CD released earlier this year.

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