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Inspiral Carpets: Caught live at Shepherd's Bush

Review: Simon Pinion

AFTER seeing the Inspirals in March at Brixton, and being more than impressed, I was pleased that this gig had been announced.

Back in March, the reforming had been due to the Greatest Hits package, but this time around, at Shepherd's Bush Empire (on Friday, December 5), it seemed to be mainly to cap off what has been a great year for the band.

With sell-out gigs of their own and festival appearances, this year must have worked out better than they could have hoped for.

The gig seemed busy, but I could only get a fiver for a spare ticket I had - so maybe it wasn't quite sold out.

Puressence were impressive as support, with the single, Take A Pill, being the stand-out. It's a shame they never went on to do more, as they clearly have the talent to do so.

The Inspirals then came out to Real Thing, and the subsequent set included most of their hits, including She Comes In The Fall, Dragging Me Down, Saturn 5, Sackville, Two Worlds Collide, Directing Traffic, Joe, and, for the encore, This Is How It Feels.

They strangely played 96 Tears and Tainted Love as part of the encore, which went down ok, but were unusual choices for an encore.

The Inspirals are in a position where they can't tour too much. There is no new material, and few new fans. Most of the people at the gig were original supporters from the early 90s (like me!).

While they're attracting enough of a crowd, and everyone (including them) are still having a good time, then, hopefully, they will continue.

Unlike the Happy Mondays, they do seem to care about the quality of the sound, and they do seem to be enjoying themselves.

Me and my mates certainly had a good time and, from looking around, so did everyone else. With that in mind, they get a positive moo from me!

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