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Jane's Addiction - split confirmed

Story: Jack Foley

JANES'S Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell, has confirmed that the band has split, in an announcement in Rolling Stone magazine.

The statement confirms a rumour, from guitarist, Dave Navarro, that the group had disbanded (again), and has been taken in light of the fact that the band had been 'stripped of her majesty'.

It is now rumoured that Navarro, along with Jane drummer, Stephen Perkins, and bassist, Chris Chaney, intend to reform, replacing Farrell with actor/musician, Steve Isaacs.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, however, Farrell declared that the band had gone 'astray, falling into shallow holes'.

"There was no consideration for the legacy she had built up over the years. Jane was getting stripped of her majesty.

"My separation came about because this legendary band was taken over by new owners," he continued.

"Music that was once relevant and graceful had become clumsy as a circus seal tooting his horns… Jane doesn't strip for anyone but me. I brought Jane's Addiction to life, it is only fitting that I am the one to bury her."

However, Farrell hopes that Jane's Addiction can be remembered as 'one of the seminal bands of her era', due to the fact that 'she laid a foundation for unbridled underground music to rise up on'.

" The newly coined 'alternative music' came on to replace a stale music scene. We encouraged people to make scary choices," he added.

Fans of the band's sound need not despair completely, however, for, according to reports, the other three members have already started recording their new Isaacs-fronted project, with the help of Black Grape producer, Danny Saber.

Farrell, meanwhile, intends to go it alone, after pondering 'that my greatest achievements still lay ahead'.

It remains to be seen whether this split remains permanent however, given that Jane's Addiction have broken up three times since their formation in 1984.

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