All About Lei - A profile of the emerging Jody

Story by Jack Foley

SHE may only be 18-years-old, but Jody Lei is about to break onto the scene as one of the UK’s hottest and vibrant new talents.

Her diverse debut album, All About Lei sees her working with some of the most sought after, bubbling under producers, as well as more established people, including Stateside’s Wyclef Jean and So Solid’s AC Burrell. Jody is also gearing up for a tour of the UK in support of Blue.

Jody Lei’s debut single, Showdown, is described as an uptempo and bold track with contagious lyrics and a catchy hook that provides a strong introduction to her diverse abilities.

Up and coming producer Fredro at Murlyn Music has attempted to deliver a fresh sound, as well as capturing the Jody Lei vibe to a tee.

The sassy lyrics are confident and full of attitude, as Jody says that whatever happens Jody Lei will always come out on top, "We can take it slowly or we can make it rowdy. But you up against Jody - Right here, Right now."

As a testament to her love and ability to dance, her breathtaking video follows the strong and adventurous theme, as it sees Jody flying through the air in slick ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ style.

Jody Lei spent her teenage years growing up in London, but cites her influences as far more global. Having spent the first 14 years of her life in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jody has a unique, dedicated and eclectic approach to making music.

It was not until her schooldays in London, however, that her new label helped Jody fulfill her ambitions by introducing her to Wyclef after Jody had said that she thought ‘911’ and ‘My Love Is Your Love’ were amazing.

Two weeks later, she was singing Mary J Blige’s part in ‘911’ with Wyclef in front of 100,000 people at Capital FM’s Christmas Party.

This was followed by another appearance with him at Party In the Park earlier this year.

However The Fugees’ pioneer is not Jody’s only major influence as she is quick to admit that she adores the likes of Janet Jackson as an all-round performer.

The ‘Party In the Park’ incident has already gained Jody much media attention with anyone who’s anyone garnering her as a force to be reckoned for 2003.

Showdown is released on Independiente on February 3 but you can view the video by clicking here for our AV Room.

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