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Juana Molina - Getting to know an Argentine sensation

Story: Jack Foley

HAILING from Buenos Aires, Argentina, multi-talented singer/ songwriter, producer/performer, Juana Molina returns with a new remix 12”, Salvese Quien Pueda.

The track features two new mixes of Salvese Quien Pueda by Four Tet – one laces Juana’s vocal around a wonky hip-hop back beat with added FX, the other is a gentle, acoustic-led romp in the fields with a smattering of bells, while Juana has done her own sparkly new version.

Juana Molina’s second album, Segundo, was the first to be heard outside her home country.

The impact has been impressive. US showbiz bible, Entertainment Weekly, named Segundo Best World Music Album of 2003.

David Byrne then personally invited her to open for his huge US summer tour.

Shortly after, Juana Molina headlined to a rapt audience at Barcelona’s SONAR festival on the final day.

BBC Radio One’s Breezeblock and One World programs both broadcasted huge chunks of her set and the Daily Telegraph described her as 'a musician and singer of often mesmerizing power'.

Juana followed those triumphs in late 2004 with a new album, Tres Cosas (Three Things).

Like Segundo, it was written, recorded, played, produced and mixed entirely on her own at home, with additional keyboards and vocals provided by Alejandro Franov.

Equally as riveting as Segundo, Tres Cosas is arguably stronger, the songwriting more bold and realised.

Juana Molina is currently recording her next album.

Juana Molina - Salvese Quien Pueda
Review: Rob Lord

Having never heard of Juana Molina I was open to what Salvese Quien Pueda would sound like.

The 12" has three mixes - two by man-of-the-moment, Four Tet, and another by Juana herself.

The Four Tet ugly mix is ugly, and we'll leave it there, but his pretty mix is much, well, prettier, featuring some happy flute, petit bells and Juana's voice just raising itself above.

It does turn slightly strange toward the end, but what would you expect from Four Tet?

The outstanding track, Juana's epic re-version is a song wrapped in cotton wool. Imagine the most gentle Simon & Garfunkel song and add the softest, creamiest female vocal and your someway there.

This is a stunning song that caresses its way through your ears.

As she almost freestyles towards the end, with ooh's and aah's, there is no beat, just a gentle aural massage. Brilliant.

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