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Live 8: Keane deliver a unifying ultimatum

Review: Jack Foley

HARD to believe, but a little over a year ago Keane were a little heard of band who were displaying big potential.

By the end of 2004, they were the second-biggest album sellers of the year. And just last week, they were one of the headline acts at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park.

Three days on, they were part of the star-studded line-up of the greatest show on earth - Live 8 - and they didn't allow the enormity of the occasion to upstage them.

Lead singer, Tom Chaplin, may possess a relatively 'baby face' but his voice demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and never faltered during the band's two songs, Somewhere Only We Know and Bedshaped.

The latter provided the biggest moment - cementing its reputation as one of the ballads of the moment.

It's slow start gives way to a sweeping chorus that was quickly embraced by the 200,000-strong crowd, who accepted the invitation to sing along heartily.

Chaplin, for his part, made sure to emphasise the importance of the occasion, closing his appearance with the telling observation:

"It's about all of us coming together and making a huge change for the rest of the world."

The public have already made a huge difference to the fortunes of Keane; Live 8 was their chance to give something back and make their own little bit of difference for the planet.

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