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Live 8: Madonna makes sure that her Music makes people come together

Review: Jack Foley

"ARE you ready to change history?" asked Madonna at the start of her explosive set at Live 8 in London.

It's a question that has yet to find an answer but the crowd proved more than willing to play their part in trying to do so, especially given the extra special nature of the queen of pop's set.

Madonna chose her tracks well, ensuring that they held some relevance to the day, as well as reflecting the best of her back catalogue.

Opening number, Like A Prayer, was an absolute humdinger and one of the certain highlights of the day.

Madonna appeared in a white suit and was accompanied by members of the London Community Gospel Choir, who provided tremendous vocal support to one of the singer's earliest hits.

The track was rich in emotion, contained plenty of musical layers and was delivered with all the confidence and showmanship we have come to expect from one of the world's biggest performers.

It was quickly followed by a souped-up version of Ray Of Light that was rounded off with some impromptu head-spining and body-popping from two freestyle dancers.

Madonna, too, cavorted and writhed around the stage with an energy that belied her years, effortlessly whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

And then came Music, the extended version of one of her biggest hits that contains the telling lyric, 'music, makes the people come together'.

Could there have been a greater show of solidarity for such a line than the sight of 200,000 people swinging their arms and singing at the top of their voices?

Music has indeed helped the world to come together to try and make a difference to one of the biggest problems affecting the world today.

It's now up to eight key figures to listen and perhaps do their bit to make a difference and do something that might start to ease the crisis.

Madonna certainly ensured that they have to take notice by delivering one of the biggest spectacles of the Live 8 day that's sure to become one of the biggest talking points.

Perhaps now the prayers of the people in Africa might start to be answered.

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