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Live 8: Pink Floyd reunion draws Hyde Park event to a close

Review: Jack Foley

THEY may not have performed together for 24 years but Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright rolled back the years to ease Live 8 into its closing stages on Saturday, July 2, 2005.

The band's reunion was a suitably memorable way of bringing such a momentous occasion to a close and did not disappoint.

Gilmour's guitars remain as crisp and awe-inspiring as ever, while the presence of Waters merely added the icing on the cake.

The veteran rockers played four songs, the best of which were the final two - Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

The former was played acoustically, with both Gilmour and Waters taking on duel responsibility with the chords, and Gilmour delivering the whimsical lyrics - 'how I wish you were here, we're just two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl year after year'.

Earlier in the set, the traditional image of the flying pig above the landmark towers of Battersea Power Station filled the big screens behind the performers.

While the words of Money seemed to take on chilling significance, given the motivation behind the day.

It was an appropriate song to mark the biggest occasion that was delivered as only a big band knows how.

Best of all, however, was the closing number, Comfortably Numb, which featured a vocal trade-off between Waters and Gilmour (it was little wonder that Waters confessed to feeling emotional).

It was during this number, in particular, that Gilmour's guitar prowess was showcased and his epic riffs swept all before them.

Comfortably Numb remains one of Pink Floyd's greatest anthems and there wasn't a person among the audience who didn't seem transfixed - even though the women on the shoulders had been replaced by air guitar-playing men.

The Floyd reunion was something to behold and it was a fitting way to ease the concert into its final stages.

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