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Live 8 - Razorlight display a Golden Touch in Hyde Park

Review: Jack Foley

ANOTHER of the emerging bands to appear at the Live 8 Festival was Razorlight, yet lead singer, Johnny Borrell, showed no sign of being over-awed by the occasion as he urged: "If we can make enough noise, we can make them listen, so make sure you make a lot of fucking noise alright?"

The band then proceeded to do just that as they blasted their way through an invigorating three-song set that capably justified their emerging reputation.

Following Snoop Dogg cannot have been easy but Borland displayed a swagger and some dance moves reminiscent of a young Mick Jagger as he belted through the band's numbers.

He even went bare-chested (again recalling memories of Jagger's on-stage antics) such was the confidence he seemed to exude throughout.

Their first song was a bit of a head-scratcher, however. Somewhere Else, their most recent hit, seemed to send out a mixed sentiment - although the people of Africa probably wish they could be somewhere else than suffering from famine every day.

They made their biggest impression, however, with a lively version of Golden Touch - one of the best tracks to come from their brilliant debut album.

Yet like Keane before them, they confidently made the transition from small gigs to the world's stage and will have done their emerging reputation no harm at all.

Borland rounded off the set by once again urging people to make enough noise to ensure that the world's leaders cannot turn a deaf ear come their G8 meeting in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

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