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Live 8: Snoop Dogg turns the grey skies blue during X-rated set

Story: Jack Foley

HE MAY have taken to the stage at only 6.30pm, but Snoop Dogg delivered a set that was definitely suited to after the watershed at Hyde Park as part of Live 8 London.

The superstar rapper and cultural icon delivered a greatest hits medley that was packed with F-words and bad-boy attitude.

Together with an ensemble including drummers, mixers, guitarists and co-rappers, Snoop serenaded the crowd while a trio of female dancers 'got down' in skimpy white vests and mini-skirts that revealed their arses.

Controversy aside, however, the artist lived up to his reputation to deliver a genuinely thrilling set that had everyone watching in awe - including David Beckkam, his wife, Ricky Gervais and Cat Deeley.

Included on the playlist were the Snoop Dogg classics, The Next Episode, as well as recent favourites, Drop It Like It's Hot and Signs (although Justin Timberlake didn't do a live link-up from Philadelphia).

Throughout, the stage was alive with the booty-shaking rhythms of hip-hop's favourite son, effortlessly tapping into the spirit of the Live 8 occasion and making everyone sing along.

And despite the bad language, most of the crowd agreed that they had witnessed something special.

Snoop, unapologetic as ever, declared through his lyrics that he was 'a bad boy', before bringing things to a close by asking the crowd 'what's my mother-fucking name?'

The answer, Snoop Dogg, of course, and the track in question, Who Am I (What's My Name).

As the BBC's Jonathan Ross stated afterwards, 'this is what happens when you let a Dogg off the leash'!

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