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Lockdown Project - We are what we are. It works for us. Anything else is a bonus

Story: Jack Foley

IT'S difficult to describe the music of the Lockdown Project.

Hip Hop beats, with ferocious rap, fused together with Latin guitars and an infectious pop spirit is just one of the many attempts.

However, you need not bother, as charismatic front man, Ollie, puts it: "It's not something we tend to worry about. We are what we are. It works for us. Anything else is a bonus."

2003 proved to be a big year for them.

With a stadium tour of Europe, as support on Herbert Grönemeyer's gigantic MENSCH tour, a performance at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival and support slots consisting of Kosheen, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Ozomatli and the legendary Cypress Hill already in the bag, it seems the band are right not to worry.

Lockdown Project were founded at the South coast of England, by brothers Ben and Ollie, who sought to build on a fusion hardcore guitars, metallic beats and ferocious rap.

After independent releases, UK tours and even storming gigs in Japan, it was only when guitarist James arrived that the Lockdown sound began to evolve into where it stands today - but only with bass player, Lawrence, the band was completed.

The line-up has been breaking down barriers ever since, with their rousing live performances.

LDP toy with their audience with delightful ease, savouring the experience as they build the tension and energy, and then release one climax after another, after another.

The combined talents make Lockdown Project a force to be reckoned with.

Hence, comparisons are many and varied, but the band is difficult to pigeon-hole into any one category - everything from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to the House of Pain, to the wide pop appeal of Justin Timberlake to the ferocious energy of Rage Against The Machine appear to be catered for.

Inevitably, given the number of US influences, the Lockdown Project sound has now reached America.

Their first single Everybody In The Morning has been selected as the soundtrack to the HIV awareness TV campaign ( in the US!

Hence, a new audience of over 70 million will be exposed to the hypnotic brilliance of LDP.

The band will release their eponymous debut album on March 22, on Gronland Records, featuring the trademark mix of sounds.

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