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REQ ONE and Kid Acne line up for Logarhythm tour

Story: Jack Foley

HAVING just completed its first dates with a live tour from Warp
recording artists, Mira Calix and Chris Clark, LOGARHYTHM - a new nationwide initiative aimed at showcasing and dramatically increasing the UK's exposure to live electronic music - is currently into its second tour (including a date in London).

REQ ONE, Warp Records' Brighton-based experimental hip hop visionary, old school aerosol artist and graf-daddy, will headline the event.

The talented artist is set to release the follow-up to his 2001 Warp album, Sketchbook, in August.

Entitled Car Paint Scheme, it's a collection of outstanding Req gems originally compiled for the Skint label and feature Req's most 'having it' tracks.

KID ACNE, the prolific modern day hip hop-renaissance musician, illustrator and graffiti artist, who records for his own Invisible Spies label, will also be present, as well as Lex and Electro Caramel, who has also created classic artwork for Gamma, TTC and Plaid.

The second LOGARHYTHM tour will run from July 2-13, and will also feature Live Graffiti plus MC Remark and Human Beatbox Chase.

The dates for REQ ONE and KID ACNE's tour are as follows:

Fri, July 4 - Glasgow
Transmission presents at The Henry Wood Hall. Tickets £7, doors 9pm

Sun, July 6 - Leeds
Vector presents at Bassment, Merrion St Leeds city centre
tickets £6 & £5 (concs.)

Tues, July 8 - London
Lumin presents 93feet east, 150 Brick Lane
E1 tickets £5

Wed, July 9 Norwich
Slow Magazine Presents
53 Livingstone Street, Norwich NR2 4HE
07736 285213
Tickets £5

Thurs, July 10 - Bristol The cube
PAUSE_2 / pedestrian present at Cube Microplex, Dove Street South (off Jamaica Street) Tickets £6
Doors: 8pm
For more information contact: 0117 9074190

Fri, July 11 - Leicester
Plankton (deep water recordings) presents at International Arts Center,
Garden Street Leicester Tickets £5

Sat, July 12 - Birmingham
Capsule presents SUPERSONIC Festival at Custard Factory, Birmingham
Tickets £15 (advanced)

Sun, July 13 - Nottingham
Deselect presents at Moog Newdigate Street Redford tickets
Tickets: £5

Drawing together, via a co-operative network of some of the most innovative independent promoters, artists and labels, and sponsored by The Arts Council of England, LOGARHYTHM aims to readdress the balance between the UK's pool of pioneering and creative talents, and the under representation of electronic music, particularly in the live arena, with a series of events, workshops, tutorials and concerts that will serve as a focal point for the UK's electronic music scene.

With a bold approach, not only to staging music events, but also to
exhibiting the work of up-and-coming visual artists, LOGARHYTHM also aims to provide potential promoters with training in the areas of funding, fundraising, marketing and promotion, as well as offering advice, discussion and seminars on the core technologies of electronic music. In addition, each event will also offer rare and exclusive vinyl and CDs for sale.

Allied to these live events, and supporting LOGARHYTHM's aims and activities will be an ever-changing communication hub and forum - - which, with a dynamic content, including extensive record and live reviews, will also contain comprehensive listings sections, message boards and expert advice columns.

This website has become the two-way focal point of the organisation's operation since its launch in late June.

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