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Longview look to Further their appeal - and rightly so!

Story: Jack Foley

FOR those unacquainted with Longview, maybe now is the time.

With a new single, Further, hitting record shops this week (July 7, 2003), and a debut album, Mercury, on the way on July 21, why not be one of the first to discover the magic they offer - rather than becoming one of the chasing pack?

Further is actually the third single to be released by the band, off the back of When You Sleep and Nowhere (as well as the website only, If You Asked), and is actually a re-release. But don't let that put you off.

By the band's own admission, they owe a lot in style to Doves, Coldplay and even Radiohead, although there is an optimism in their music which is more akin to The Verve, or a blissed out Teenage Fanclub.

Singer/songwriter, Rob McVey, claims to have drawn much inspiration from Radiohead, after seeing them at the Southampton Guidhall, aged just 15.

"They were amazing," he recalls, on the band's website. "They seemed to have that power of rock and the mood of melancholy to go with it.

"The feeling that cuts you really deep. That's what I'm looking for. We aspire to nothing less than that."

The story of Longview, however, begins in Winchester, when Rob, aged just four, first began to play the guitar - he would become classically trained.

By the age of 18, he took a place on a musical jazz course in Manchester.

Naturally gravitating towards the Night & Day Cafe (haunt of Twisted Nerve operatives, Badly Drawn Boy and Alfie), Rob began to develop his musical bearings, recruiting drummer, Matt Dabbs, and bassist, Aidan Banks, from his hometown.

The last piece of the puzzle came in the form of the band's mercurial guitarist, Doug, and it wasn't long before the band had been snapped up by the eagle-eyed East West, following gigs at the Night & Day Cafe and at ULU, in support of Haven.

And the result is pretty spectacular stuff. As Rob confidently predicts: "If people give up their time to listen to us, I don't think they'll be disappointed.

"My aim is to make a record that touches people emotionally... A classic album; one you can't forget."

Listeners will, of course, have the opportunity to decide for themselves come July 21, but if the first few singles are anything to go by - Longview have succeeded in their objective to reach out and touch on an emotional scale.

We would urge you to Further their career...

For a taste of what to expect, follow the weblink in the right-hand column to join an album listening party, or try to catch them live at one of the following dates...

July Tour Dates 2003

8th - Gig – York – Fibbers

10th - XFM session with Zoe Ball (London)

11th - Gig – Harlow – Square

13th - Gig – T in the park festival

15th - Gig – Bury St Edmunds – Priors

17th - Gig – Exeter – Cavern

18th - Gig – Plymouth – Tramps (TBC)

19th - Gig – Bath - Moles

22nd - HMV instore – Manchester

29th - Gig – Glasgow – King Tut’s

30th - Gig – Manchester University

31st - Gig – London - Ulu

August 2003

9th - Eden Festival Liverpool

22nd - Carling weekend festival – (Leeds)

24th - Carling weekend festival – (Reading)

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