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Madonna talks Confessions on a Dance Floor

Story: Jack Foley

"I WANT people to jump out of their seats! My record is about having a good time straight through and non-stop," says Madonna, as she describes the 12 new tunes on her album of pure 'unapologetic' dance music.

"She has a dance halo over her head" adds co-producer and Grammy-award winner Stuart Price. "It's in her blood. The music came straight from the gut - no preconceived notions - unencumbered - not over-edited - just very spontaneous.

"We sat in my little studio at home and the songs just flowed very quickly," concluded Price.

With one foot in the early roots of her career as a 'dance artist' and the other foot planted firmly into the sound of 'future disco', Madonna looks poised to return to the clubs with a vengeance with Confessions On a Dance Floor, the album which is scheduled to be released on Warner Bros. Records, on November 15.

Recorded in London, the album features songs primarily co-written and co-produced by Madonna and Stuart Price, producer, mixer and DJ-supreme (Les Rythmes Digitales, Jaques Le Cont).

Price was Madonna's musical director on her 2002 Drowned World Tour and last summer's Reinvention Tour.

Additional producers and co-writers include Henrik Jonback, Grammy Award-winning team Bloodshy & Avant, and Anders Bagge + Peer Astrom from Murlyn Music collective.

In addition Mirwais Ahmadzai, the producer of Madonna's last two albums American Life and Music, contributed two songs and co-produced one track.

The song Jump was co written by previous Madonna collaborator, artist and producer, Joe Henry (Don’t Tell Me).

The album's first single, Hung Up, is scheduled to be released on November 7.

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