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The Music light up the Astoria, with help from The Open and The Zutons...

Review: Allison Browning

The Music at The Astoria, presnted by NME. Supported by The Engineers, The Open and The Zutons...

DESCRIBED as a blend of The Stone Roses and 'Led Zeplin, The Music are definitely making their mark on the indie music scene and are soon to release their second album.

But associations aside, these young boys from Leeds certainly know how to put on a damned good show and have a quality all of their own!

At their London Astoria show (presented by NME) on Wednesday, February 4, 2004, The Music were strongly supported by The Open, The Zutons and The Engineers.

The Open made an impression with some amazing energy and cool sounds from their keyboardist, and they were followed by The Zutons who had everyone grooving with their unusual blend of influences.

A dab of country and soul produce some unique tunes, perhaps not for everyone, but these guys do know how to get an audience going.

Like The Open , The Zutons played a tight set with boundless enthusiasm, particualrly the Sax player, Abi Harding, who couldn't stop her legs form dancing a jig of their own.

The Music opened with The Dance and lead singer, Robert Harvery's on stage presence certainly got an immediate response, thanks to his smooth breakdance-inspired moves.

The quality continued with favourite tracks, Human, Take The Long Road and Walk It and Getaway getting a huge response!

The Music did not fail to deliver the goods and more.

Unfortunately, the Astoria had turned into a sauna by encore time, and, as the boys had already exhaused the hits, the crowd peetered out in search of cooler air before the end of this A class show.

The Music certainly know how to entertain, and there was not a slow moment in the performance.

I don't know where they get their their energy, but book tickets to their next show early, because these guys definitely know how to pull a crowd!

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