DJ Vadim cuts some rug at Cargo

Review by Paul White

POSTED: Thursday, September 26, 2002

ROCK DA HOUSE YA'LL.......This is what DJ Vadim and friends are set to do, down at one of the last Ninja Tune nights at Cargo.

The evening promises a wicked line up, from Russian Percussion Group to, of course, DJ Vadim and guests.

Vadim was on first, playing a cheeky warm up set, and dropping some seriously funky cuts as he went. But we will come back to Vadim later.

Next up was the Russian Percussion Group (RPG), basically three Mc's giving it on stage and a DJ backing them up with some sly cuts and some wicked breaks...... slurp! RPG were a refreshing to see and hear, as it's been a while since I have seen a quality act like this... b-boys to da core.

The group boasts a really nice vocal style, good range and the ability to vocally outstretch that dude from Police Academy, that makes all those crazy noises, nice!!

But the night belongs to Vadim and when he returns to the decks, he rips it up, no mercy style! Once again, we are treated to some wicked cuts and irresistible beats, that you just gotta shake your ass to.

What to expect from... Cargo

The Tunes..... Funky, old skool breaks with some nice scratching, that's just gotta make you itch!

The People.... A bunch of some of the funkiest people that London has to offer.

Drinks..... Normal pub prices - no draught, but some nice bottled beers and spirits.

In conclusion... If you ever get the chance to see Vadim play live, then I suggest you grab it with both hands and step along to da beat!

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