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A snapshot of the beautiful Poloroid story

Story: Jack Foley

POLOROID finally releases her haunting debut single, So Damn Beautiful, on September 29, through Decode/Telstar.

Poloroid is the alter ego of Essex-born singer/songwriter Dan Rowe, and the debut single is one that has long been etched in the nation's sub-conscious, despite only just now getting a long-awaited release.

The emotive, haunting strains of So Damn Beautiful were first heard as the TV sound bed to England's 5-1 thrashing of Germany, before further embedding itself in the public's heart as the soundtrack to England's momentous defeat of Argentina in the 2002 World Cup.

The setting then changed from football stadiums to main room dancefloors, as a club version of appeared on Dave Seaman's Global Underground mix and became an end-of-night club anthem across the country.

As DJ's and producers scrambled to get their hands on the track, So Damn Beautiful was propelled to Number 1 in both the Cool Cuts and Buzz charts, on the back of remixes from Andy Morris, Chris Coco and Dogzilla.

The result of the club attention was an invitation for Poloroid to perform a bespoke Balearic set live for Radio 1 in Ibiza, an experience Dan will never forget.

So Damn Beautiful also appears on the soundtrack to the movie, Human Traffic, and in Channel 4's arthouse picture, My Brother Tom.

Dan is currently putting the finishing touches to the debut Poloroid album, which features a varied selection of tracks from tender ballads to all out rock anthems.

Having already been described as 'the female Michael Stipe', by Music Week, Dan has collaborated with the likes of Dave Hemmingway (of Beautiful South fame) and film score wizard, David Arnold, on an album that's been part produced by Andy Duncan (best known for his work with Robbie Williams' cohort, Guy Chambers).

The track listing for the single is as follows:

1. So Damn Beautiful (Andy Morris Radio Edit)
2. So Damn Beautiful (Original Radio Edit)

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