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Prince signs new record deal with Sony

Story: Jack Foley

HOT off the back of his comeback performance at the Grammy's earlier this year, Prince has announced details of a new record deal - almost eight years after his much-publicised split with Warner Music.

The artist formerly known as several things has decided to return to his original guise and play the studio game, ahead of the release of his new single, Musicology.

Hence, Sony Music were delighted to announce last week that Prince had signed to the giant's Columbia Records.

The single will be taken from the album of the same name, which is due to be released in America on April 20, and rumoured to be hitting UK shops on April 19.

A full US tour is also expected, with dates to be confirmed in the UK as well.

Announcing the deal, Prince said: "I am really an artist and musician at heart, that's what I do.

"Musicology has no boundaries or formats. It is long overdue to return to the art and craft of music - that's what this album is about."

Don Ienner, President of Sony Music US, was equally as delighted to have captured one of the music industry's most elusive signatures, hailing the artist as 'a true genius'.

He commented: "Over the course of his extraordinary career, he's continually taken on new artistic challenges, and in the process he has repeatedly set new standards of excellence in popular music.

"The songs contained on Musicology have tremendous depth, power, and range, making the album an important addition to the Prince legend, and a must-have for his fans around the globe.

"I look forward to working closely with Prince as we bring Musicology to audiences across the country and throughout the world."

Prince has been responsible for some of the great records of the past, including Purple Rain, Let's Go Crazy, When Doves Cry, 1999, Sign 'O The Times and Get Off.

Yet since splitting with Warner, in 1996, he has opted to release most of his music himself, via his own online music club. The result has seen him drop out of the limelight, as he dabbled with various guises.

Now, though, the buzz surrounding him is building once again and, according to Xfm online, the new album is a cracker.


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