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Simian - musical weirdness and merchandise offer

Story: Jack Foley

SIMIAN have been quietly going about generating a buzz in their own surreal way for some time now - ever since the launch of their acclaimed debut album, We Are Your Friends, in fact.

According to the BBC, they have their own religion, they have artwork where dogs’ heads are sewn onto sheep’s bodies, and they were apparently signed after kidnapping an A&R man, driving him to a dark cellar and performing at him.

Their current single, La Breeze, is provoking comparisons with the sound of The Beatles (but in a good way), while the record itself could well go on to become one of the sounds of the summer of 2003.

They are Simian, led by Simon Lord, and they hail from the towns and villages of England (check out their weird website for a history lesson).

To quote from the website itself: "They called the first album Chemistry Is What We Are. It was released in July 2001 to critical acclaim, music lovers everywhere were very happy, and it won awards because it looked so nice.

"The Church of Simian grew out of this first record. Old cinemas, empty
docklands warehouses and retired church buildings were filled with music, films and dancing people singing from the same hymn sheet. The ICA invited Simian to play a live soundtrack to the film of their choice: they chose Microcosmos, and people sat spellbound while the melodies soared and dipped as slugs made love, dung beetles toiled with dirtballs and grasshoppers sawed rhythms with their back legs."

If the first record was almost innocent, however, then their time spent in the city, recording and touring, produced a shift in musical direction and, as the website states, their next release was 'a frenetic record stuffed with dozens of urban musical influences, informed by travel between cities and all their favourite things, and the urge to see all the power of those places harnessed for good, friendly ends."

The record was We Are Your Friends and it has spawned La Breeze.

So, anyone who hasn't heard it yet, should click onto the AV link and give themselves a sample. We have the radio edit, the Brian Eno remix, and the Ladytron remix for you to listen to.

And if you're impressed by what you hear, then why not journey into the deranged land that is Simian (via their website, of course) and find out how you can win exclusive Simian merchandise, such as:

l Simian limited edition T-shirt
l Special bunting (as used in the new La Breeze video)
l Assorted toys and instruments (including a kid's glockenspeil and african pod shaker)
l Rare as hens teeth Simian sticker assortment
l Mobile Disco mix cd
l Something for the weekend

You can enter simply by visiting LOG for instructions. LOG lives at

No golden emus are available for the winner - yet.

And the offer doesn't end there, because exclusively online at is an alternative video for the single, shot by Keith Mottram on a whim (and on a DV kit).

Also on the site, Keith spills his beans about how and why he made this video, to LOG.

LOG politely cleans up Keith's beans and pops them in a small jar for safe-keeping.

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