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South: Caught live at Cargo (Xfm Remix night)

Review: Simon Pinion

LAST time I saw South at a gig in a club, was back in 2001, at Fabric.

Unfortunately for the band, not too much has changed from back then, in terms of popularity.

Although three years have passed, and South have a new album out this year (With The Tides), they still don't have the fanbase that they deserve.

Back in 2001, South came on at Fabric at around 12.30am, to probably 100 or so people, who had come to that venue to see them, or have a break from one of the other rooms there.

Last Thursday night at Cargo, South came out at about 10.45pm to a similar size crowd.

As they come out, to limited applause, the gig straight away brought back memories of the Fabric gig.

It seems that with gigs in clubs, where essentially the band is supporting the DJ's, the majority of the crowd is there for the club, with the band thrown in as extra appeal.

Opening up with their favourite, Broken Head," and following up with a great new track from their new album, Same Old Story, those who weren't there for South now knew it was something worth paying attention to.

They continued with the two singles from With The Tides - Loosen Your Hold and Colours in Waves, which were both excellent.

As the set went on (they played about 45 minutes), the crowd reaction became stronger, and I knew that South had made their mark.

About half-way through, lead singer, Joel Cadbury, said: "We don't usually do club gigs, but we did this one for Eddy."

The Eddy in question was Xfm's Eddy Temple Morris, who hosts the night, and who played before South and after them.

South were appearing as part of XFM's long-running and most popular Remix night.

South finished on their trademark Unkle inspired-remix of Ian Brown's Dolphins Were Monkeys.

The set was superb - having a different feel to the Islington gig they played about six weeks ago.

And while the atmosphere wasn't as good, hopefully some of the people who were new to them will remember the name South from now on.

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