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StellaStarr* - new album details and new single, Jenny

Story: Jack Foley

NEW YORK'S Stellastarr* have finally announced details of their eponymous debut album and their second single, Jenny.

The band have spent the best part of April and May ensconced in three separate NYC area studios with Tim O’Heir.

O’Heir (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, The All-American Rejects) was lucky enough to witness the band at one of their very early shows at Don Hill’s in NY, and immediately cleared his schedule to produce and record with them.

The fruits of their labour, the self-titled debut album, is due to hit record shops on September 15 - but will be preceded by the second single, the elegiac Jenny, on August 18, to neatly coincide with the band's return to the UK.

The album is a fitting testimony and declaration from a band that even in their relatively short existence have never followed the script.

Since forming in the Spring of 2000 Shawn, Amanda, Arthur and Michael have worked hard at fostering a local live following and invested their time in writing genuinely exhilarating, poignant and redemptive rock and roll.

The depth in their sound so emphatically demonstrated to UK audiences on their recent Raveonettes tour is fully realised here.

The slow burning set opener, In The Walls, is far removed from the jubilant, No Weather, which is as equally far away from the fragility of Untitled.

Elsewhere, there is their debut single, Somewhere Across Forever, which scraped the UK top 40 on its release in May, and the forthcoming single, Jenny.

Jenny comes backed with Homeland, which is also taken from the forthcoming album, and Arlington Queen, which is exclusive to the single.

Stellastarr will be released through 20 20 Recordings and the full track listing is as follows:

1. In The Walls
2. Jenny
3. A Million Reasons
4. My Coco
5. No Weather
6. Moongirl
7. Somewhere Across Forever
8. Homeland
9. Untitled
10. Pulp Song

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