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The Thrills - Astoria (July 16, 2003)

Review: Roland Stanbridge-Miles

SOME thrills - but not enough. I had been given a ticket for tonight well
in advance, as part payment for a Massive Attack ticket earlier in the year, so I just went along with it.

In the weeks leading up to the gig, I heard more and more about The Thrills and everyone I mention the name to is really jealous that I had a ticket.

But I hear a couple of songs, and I'm not impressed.

However, when I heard The Zutons, friends of fellow Scousers, The Coral, were supporting, I looked forward to seeing them.

Maybe I imagined it, though, because there was no sign of them, only a dull American band, sounding a bit like early Radiohead, but, sadly, without being really fucking good, or even just good.

The Thrills are better, though their first couple of songs are a bit boring.

Then they produce their single, Big Sur, which shines and sparkles like Belle and Sebastian at their finest - rare praise indeed!

Ironically, I think it's one of the songs that I didn't like on the radio - so maybe they're one of those bands who need to be seen live. I hope so, anyway.

However, their songs then return to the previous mediocre standard, but are again followed by a brilliant classic pop tune, which is this time followed by (almost) equally good songs.

They've won me over, so, of course, they disappear, then when I return from the toilets and they return for an encore, the songs slow down and my interest drops.

Potentially, The Thrills are a really good band, but I think they have been hyped up a bit too soon and too much pressure has been placed upon them.

Even though the gig wasn't one of my favourite so far this year - not in
the same league as Gonzales, Blur, Super Furry Animals or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - I can definitely picture them achieving huge success in the future (they don't seem to be doing too badly at the moment!).

Hopefully, they won't do a Travis, or Stereophonics, and make one and a half good albums, before becoming
increasingly crap with each release.

A pretty good night was then rounded off with an unexpected bonus, when I was handed a
CD on the way out featuring Mylo's 'Destroy Rock 'n' Roll', a track which had me vainly buying Jockey Slut in an attempt to find it, due to some
dodgy information from Colin Murray!

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