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The Veils prepare to unveil debut album and new singlei

Story: Jack Foley

HOTLY-tipped band, The Veils, released their third single, The Wild Son, on January 26, a new track which was recently recorded with Bernard Butler.

Following the success of last year's efforts, More Heat Than Light and Guiding Light and Lavinia, the latest effort looks set to cement their reputation as one of the bands to look out for in 2004.

Lead singer, Finn Andrews, 20, learned his craft half-way up a dead volcano in a gun bunker in Devonport, New Zealand.

He played in a folk club for around three years, in a 12-piece band playing traditional instruments, but original compositions and it was there he first began writing.

At the age of 17, he left school and came to London to find a band and a record label, and the band was quickly snapped up by Rough Trade's Geoff Travis to Blanco Y Negro, allowing them to begin recording their debut album, in early December 2001.

However, ties became strained between Blanco & Veil due to artistic differences, and a messy court battle ensued, resulting in a termination of contract between the two parties, though, crucially, The Veils were allowed keep the original tapes of their recordings and Geoff signed them to Rough Trade shortly afterwards.

It was here that they finally finished recording the album they had begun almost two years prior.

The album in question is called The Runaway Found and it will be released on Monday, February 23, 2004.

As part of the build-up to the release, howeber, the band - comprised of Andrews (vocals/guitar), Ben Woollacott (drums), and Adam Kinsella (bass)
Oli Drake - have enjoyed tours with The Raveonettes, 22-20s, Beth Orton, British Sea Power, The Cooper Temple Clause and Suede.

The Runaway Found was produced by Matthew Ollivier, Bernard Butler and Ken Nelson, and the full track listing is:

1. The Wild Son
2. Guiding Light
3. Lavinia
4. More Heat Than Light
5. The Tide That Left And Never Came Back
6. The Leavers Dance
7. Talk Down The Girl
8. The Valleys Of New Orleans
9. Vicious Traditions
10. The Nowhere Man

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