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Hostage: Bleach: Burn - Etcetera Theatre

Hostage: Bleach: Burn

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AS PART of the Camden Fringe Festival, Practicum Theatre is presenting Heather Taylor’s Hostage: Bleach: Burn at the Etcetera Theatre – from July 30 to August 4, 2007.

In a dark room in a distant, undisclosed country, a man held hostage by militants searches for absolution in each link in the chain of events that led to his captivity. In another room, in a comfortable, westernised country, a young woman who fancies herself a free spirit discovers the real nature of the walls that surround her. And deep in the heart of Montreal, a man weighs the weight of his existence after learning his whole life was based on a lie.

These three one-person shows, directed by Gareth Corke, spin tales of three people in different times and places trapped in their lives, trying to find out how they got there and where they can go.

Taylor’s work has been seen at the Tricycle Theatre, Soho Theatre, Greenwich, the Pleasance and Theatre 503.

Practicum Theatre, a new writing theatre company based in London, focuses on international collaborations. They commission short plays in response to current international news issues, regularly hold play readings and workshops, produce a variety of short and full length plays, and also teach writing and performing to a range of ages and backgrounds.

Tickets: £7.50

For more information call the box office on 020 7482 4857 or visit the website.