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Ribeiro's WC set to flush out some social injustices

Preview by Paul Nelson

W.C. is a new play by Antonio Ribeiro, which explores the themes of justice, religion, and personal redemption in the world today.

Toilet-attendant and homespun philosopher, Ted, creates and executes his personal model of law and order within the walls of a subterranean public toilet.

With the help of his devoted disciple, Rob, Ted sets out on his mission to bring justice to what he sees as a corrupt world.

When a clown and an evangelic preacher wander into Ted's domain of the W.C. he forces them to dismantle their public masks and face the consequences of their beliefs and actions.

W.C.'s writer and director, Antonio Ribeiro, says: "It's easy to believe in God, when you are not sure about yourself. This play examines the issues of how people have misused religion and law to justify their own actions - thereby making the distinction of right and wrong incidental."

W.C. is the first play of bold, thought-provoking new writing to emerge from the recently established Blue Elephant Literary Department. It runs from July 7 to July 26 at 8pm.

The theatre would like to acknowledge the support of The Peggy Ramsay Foundation, Armitage Shanks, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and Boyden & Co Ltd.

W.C. by Antonio Ribeiro, Directed by Cristina Teixeira and Antonio Ribeiro, Dramaturgy by Cristina Teixeira and Tess Berry-Hart, Designed by Kate Bannister and Karl Swinyard (Downstairs set); Maira Vazeou (Upstairs set), Music and Soundscapes by Daniel Biro, Costumes Lu Firth, Lighting by Andrew Earle, Press and PR by Angela Marray. WITH: Cedric Duncan (Ted), Phillip Goodchild (Rob), Anthony Attah (Preacher), Matt Ian Kelly (Clown). Presented at The Blue Elephant Theatre, 59A Bethwin Road (entrance in Thompson's Avenue), Camberwell, London SE5. Tickets 020 7701 0100

Nearest tube: Elephant & Castle then buses 12, 35, 40, 45, 68, 68A, 171, 176, 486 to Camberwell Road, or Oval followed by a 10-15 minute walk.

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