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Pinter classics provide burning subject matter

Preview by Paul Nelson

PARIS-based Dear Conjunction Theatre presents, in English, a pair of Pinter plays written four decades apart at Wimbledon Studio Theatre (Wimbledon Theatre) for one week. The double bill consists of A Slight Ache (1956) and Ashes to Ashes (1996).

A Slight Ache is set in an elegant country garden.

Edward and Flora are arguing over the tactics of killing a wasp that has flown into the marmalade. Edward decides to go in for the kill. But who is the bizarre matchmaker who stands daily at the garden gate?

And how do husband and wife, respectively, respond to the unknown? The play is directed by Joe Sheridan, with Les Clack and Patricia Kessler performing.

Ashes to Ashes follows Devlin and Rebecca, both in their forties. They are alone in a room of a country house.

The true and precise nature of their relationship is never revealed but as the evening light fades outside, the lamplight inside intensifies.

A cat-and-mouse game of sexual jealousy is played out between a man and a woman, interrogator and victim, power and helplessness.

Their roles are gradually reversed; through a subtle and yet vivid web of echoes, dreams and memories; the enigmas of the drawing room merge into images of history.

Pinter examines questions of guilt and innocence, evoking memories of the worst suffering of our age. This play is directed by Christian Erickson, again with Les Clack and Patricia Kessler.

One of our leading contemporary playwrights, Harold Pinter is the patron of Dear Conjunction Theatre, Paris.

Ashes to Ashes, a double bill by Harold Pinter, Directed by Joe Sheridan and Christian Erickson, WITH: Les Clack (Edward/Devlin) and Patricia Kessler (Flora/Rebecca). Presented by Dear Conjunction Theatre at Wimbledon Studio Theatre, The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19, Monday, April 28 to Saturday, May 3 at 7.30pm (Wednesday matinee at 3pm). Tickets 020 8540 0362.

Concessions apply. Bargain Monday, two tickets for the price of one, and Student Rush, available tickets can be purchased for £5 one hour before the show Tuesday to Thursday performances only.

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