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Bedlamb return to Baron's Court with triple-bill

Preview by Paul Nelson

The Bedlamb Theatre Company is to return to Baron's Court Theatre with a short season comprising three new plays.

All the plays to be performed are well written, combining a strong element of black comedy with moving accounts of individuals' struggles with their daily lives, relationships and hopes of realising their potential.

Me and My Friend, by Gillian Plowman, is a black comedy following the early release of four patients from a mental health hospital.

The King and Me, by Hanif Kureishi, focuses on a woman's obsession with Elvis and how this affects her state of mind, outlook on life and marriage.

Wanda's Visit, by Christopher Durang, focuses on a couple's relationship and what happens when they get a visit from one of the husband's eccentric long lost school friends.

The performances will start at 7.30pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays, Sundays 4.30pm.

There will be no performance on Mondays. The plays are currently running for the rest of the month. Baron's Court Theatre, 28A Comeragh Road, Baron's Court, London W14. Box Office 020 8932 4747.

Me and My Friend:
Four people recently released from psychiatric care. The play shows how they cope in everyday life and how they relate to each other. All want to lead normal lives and escape from their past problems which led them to be institutionalised. They are desperately trying to learn to face up to their problems but can they overcome them?

Wanda Visit:
A bored, middle-class couple are visited by an eccentric, overbearing school friend of the husband who proceeds to turn their world upside down. Her strange behaviour make them assess their lifestyle and relationship.

'This play is essentially about pressure. Newton said that each action has an equal and opposite reaction. So what is the reaction if a supernova were to explode in our living room?

"How would we react to such an action? Well, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, in some ways. I want to capture the feeling of claustrophobia that Jim and Marsha feel during Wanda's visit.

"Baron's Court is an apt venue for this and the other two plays. The low ceiling and the confined setting of the stage captures the feeling of our mind as the interface at which pressure is exerted from within by our souls and from outward by the world.

"We cannot escape from this world, and we cannot escape from ourselves. Which choices will our mind present to us? There is always more than one choice' (Joe Clark, Director)

The King and Me:
A couple who live on a council estate are desperate to get out of their
rut. The wife escapes manifests itself as an Elvis obsession which she projects onto her husband who enters Elvis impressionist competitions to please her. Ultimately, they must assess the life they share together.

All three plays show different aspects of mental disorder in different and varying levels be it disturbance, eccentricity or obsession and demonstrate
how it affects those closest to them.

The Bedlamb Theatre Company was set up by a group of students from the Morley College in 2001. All its members live in London. The company was set up to act as an umbrella operation, where each production is treated as an individual project.

As well as its members getting involved in productions, the company will seek directors and actors from outside if a production requires this.

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