A double bill to leave theatre-goers heartbroken?

Preview by Paul Nelson

THE production company Kitchen Skink is to present a double bill by Arnold Wesker.

In the first play, The Four Seasons, Adam and Beatrice have been bruised by their separate marriages and love affairs and have agreed to spend time together in a remote cottage - a kind of sabbatical from life.

In winter she is catatonic, he must attend to things. By the spring, his caring has thawed her frozen feelings. When summer comes, they are in love and Beatrice begs Adam to come away and begin a new life together in the real world. He hesitates, afraid. They linger until autumn. Mistakes, which destroyed previous relationships, are repeated. Love dies.

The second play is a London premiere, Break, My Heart. This play is inspired by a true story; it confronts the breakdown of a marriage. Maeve's love of words and poetry intimidates her husband, whose resentment explodes into violence. Shame follows. Maeve comforts him. Literacy, violence, shame, comfort - will the cycle ever be broken?

This complex and sophisticated work is an intense and harrowing drama and was described by The Western Mail, 'As a metaphor about humanity, it has almost mythic quality; as a domestic drama it is explosively, frighteningly real'.

The plays will be presented at The Blue Elephant Theatre, a venue new to me, and against the grain of most fringe theatres that don't perform on Mondays; performances will be from Monday to Saturday.

The Four Seasons, and Break, My Heart by Arnold Wesker, Presented by Kitchen Skink at The Blue Elephant Theatre, 59a Bethwin Road, Camberwell, London SE5 from March 10 to March 29. Tickets 020 7701 0100.

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