Oh my God - book now for the complete Bible (abridged)

Preview by Paul Nelson

INSANITY and theatrical mayhem, not seen since the days of Hellzapoppin and the Crazy Gang is about to strike us all, wherever we live. I will explain.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company, hereafter confusingly to be called the RSC, has been nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award as the Most Popular Show due to their production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). The Laurence Olivier Awards will be announced on February 15.

This is the first year that the prestigious awards ceremony has included an award of this type and the RSC is collectively and understandably delighted. To cast your vote and for further details you may visit www.olivierawards.co.uk.

The show continues to be London's longest running comedy and is now in its seventh sensational year at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. Together with The Complete History of America (abridged), which plays at the theatre every Tuesday, we have discovered the RSC is in the top five longest running comedies in the West End ever, and the booking period has been extended yet again, this time to December 2002.

Now for the explanation of my opening remark.

As well as continuing taking London by storm the company is touring the country with The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged). The tour is to visit almost every major city and town during the summer. Noah is reputed to have said he laughed so much he nearly crashed the ark.

For Indielondon readers and fellow lunatics that tour will be arriving at Wimbledon Theatre on Sunday March 10 at 7.30pm. Don't get caught in the door, book now.

The Complete History of America (abridged) offers a delightful mutilation of 500 years in 5000 seconds from Columbus to Clinton and everything in between. It is the mother of all history lessons reminding you historically speaking that it's not the length that matters it's what you do with it.

The RSC came out of the woods of California onto the streets of America. They moved to the festivals of the world and marched into London and London took them to its heart. They've shortened Shakespeare, abbreviated American history, condensed the Bible and even mutilated the Millennium, there was a brief fling of delight when the Complete History of the Millennium (abridged) reigned supreme. There seems to be no stopping the RSC's progress towards world domination.

It will be exciting fun to live in an abridged new world.